Apple Gelato Backpackboyz is another strain from the Backpackboyz is a Hybrid strain got from Crossing Gelato 33 and Sour Apple strain.
The buds of this strain transition between light green to dark green with occasional orange patches.

The buds have citrus citrus apple flavor on first inhale and leaves a sweet creamy taste in your mouth.
The high from apple gelato strain has a long lasting effect and will have beginners Cannabis user knocked out on the couch a few minutes later.

Due to its sedative effect we are recomending it for Insomnia patients .

if you are looking out to try out new cannabis strain then we recommend you buy Apple gelato for an amazing experience .
It will doublessly give you a solid high that will loosen up all of your better burn through this weed during lethargic days and following a burstling day.

Buy Apple Gelato online ,Apple Gelato whosale Delivery ,

Buy Apple Gelato online ,Apple Gelato whosale,


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