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This popular cannabis strain contains an impressively high cannabinoid content. it gets its name from the fact that its resin can be cooled into a distinctive brittle sheet. As it goes through an extra filtration process, fats, waxes and some terpenes are removed. this strain can be enjoyed by dabbing, vaping or placing it in a blunt. Indica. Candyland X Animal Cookies.

Bear Candy Strain Proudly produced by a small group of elite cultivators and extractors, Phoenix Cannabis Co. is a hand-crafted brand of ultra-premium, highly-acclaimed marijuana. As a four time winner of the Errl Cup, our celebrated product line includes flower, prepack, pre-roll, vape cartridges and concentrates. Every step of the Phoenix Cannabis Co. process is done by hand in small batches maximizing safety and the full potential of every strain. That means every product bearing the Phoenix Cannabis Co. logo is a sure bet for outstanding quality, safety, potency and full blown enjoyment.


Need a little euphoria and relaxation in your life?

Take a look at weedfarm Bear Candy strain. It’s a hybrid blend of Candy Landy and Animal Cookies BX2. The frosty buds are dense and have pleasant citrus flavors and aromas backed up with a little bit of pungent skunk.

Bear Candy Strain is a potent strain testing at 25.9% THC. The body relaxing effects begin quickly while uplifting your spirit simultaneously. This hybrid leaves you feeling relaxed but motivated. It’s a good option for those with a lack of energy, lack of appetite, stress, depression and minor pain.

If a quality, well-balanced strain is what your body requires, then Bear Candy is the strain to try.

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