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Dark Blue Dream is a gently sedating twist on a classic. By combining the ubiquitous headiness of Blue Dream with Dark Night’s semi-sedative physical aura, an enjoyable hybrid is created that stimulates the mind while simultaneously relaxing the body. These complementary attributes make Dark Blue Dream an ideal after-work strain. The sweet flavor and pungent aroma are a feast for the senses while the headiness promotes creativity and lateral thought without overstimulating the consumer.

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About Dark Blue Dream Marijuana Strain

Just the name alone conjures up images of starry skies and warm fuzzy blankets, as Dark Blue Dream is here to take you on a relaxing voyage through the night. Crafted by mystery breeders, this evenly-balanced strain comes from a cross between Dark Night and Blue Dream. Aptly named, this bud will have you in the best place possible, mentally and physically, before your day is done.

Buy Dark Blue Dream Marijuana Strain Online

An awesome strain for newbies and experienced users alike, Dark Blue Dream tends to average right around 15% THC. Round nugs are gorgeous with a deep green and blue mix along with amber hairs and bold trichomes. Pungent to say the least, flavors and aromas are a blend between blueberry and grape. While for some this may sound like a welcome treat, those who don’t really love sweets might find it to be pretty overwhelming.

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From the outset, you may think that this strain is ideal for getting through the end of your workday, as a quick boost of cerebral energy will overtake you. While Dark Blue Dream will lift you up and impart euphoric thoughts into your mind, this elevated space is rather short-lived. Enjoy this chance for social interaction while you can, as Indica effects will soon make themselves known. Relaxation comes on quickly, and while experienced smokers might simply find that they are slightly lethargic, newer users could succumb to couch lock and sleep if they aren’t careful.

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Medical marijuana users are always on the hunt for the magic bullet that takes away their aches and pains, and while no strain will be 100% perfect, Dark Blue Dream comes pretty close. Incredibly effective for dealing with bodily pain including headaches, inflammation, and cramps, it’s a strain that lets you unwind in the full sense of the word. Mental concerns along the lines of depression and stress leave your brain as euphoria takes over, letting you truly enjoy your night without worrying about what tomorrow will bring.

Buy Dark Blue Dream Marijuana Strain


Interested in growing your own Dark Blue Dream? So is the rest of the planet. When unknown breeders enter into the modern marketplace, it’s almost a given that trying to acquire seeds or clones of that particular plant is an exercise in futility. At this point, this strain isn’t even widely available at local dispensaries, however if you do happen to find a stray seed here or there, treat her just like any other hybrid.

Dark Blue Dream Marijuana Strain on Sale


While there are strains that make daytime manageable and even impart a bit of fun from time to time, Dark Blue Dream is here to offer soothing effects during the other half of your waking hours. Wait until you walk through the front door to indulge, as her relaxing effects will come on pretty quickly. Then, snuggle up with a blanket and have some beautiful dreams of your own.


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