THC 18-20%
Start the day with a refreshing dose of Grapefruit! This energizing, flavour-packed sativa-dominant strain is ideal for helping spark creativity and perks productivity! Coupled with a fresh, inviting scent, you’re in for a citrus-infused treat.Q
CBD 0-1%

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Grapefruit Strain Information
Grapefruit has no difficulty showing that it’s this sativa-dominant strain’s world. We’re living in it, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! This strain is the offspring of Cinderella 99 crossed with an unknown secondary parent strain. Grapefruit has a unique flavour and experience unlike any other! Are you having a bad day? Got a to-do list a mile high? Can’t seem to conjure the energy to be productive? This strain has everything you need to turn it all around! Start your day off right with a healthy, energizing serving of Grapefruit!

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects
Grapefruit nugs are fluffy with cone-like buds. Like many other sativa-dominant strains, the buds are not densely packed. The colouring is a beautiful light green, with peachy orange pistils poking out. On rare occasions, some variations may also have a hint of purple.

Lucky for us, Grapefruit is as refreshing and tasty as its name suggests! Its delicious flavour is one of its biggest claims to fame and what makes it an instant classic. Of course, the dominant flavour is Grapefruit. However, there are underlying hints of citrus in the aftertaste, as well. If you think the flavour sounds amazing, wait until you get a whiff of this strain! The smell of Grapefruit is an experience in itself. It will trick your brain into thinking you’re diving headfirst into a freshly-picked grapefruit! The aroma is the perfect blend of sweet and sour with light hints of citrus that fruity strain lovers will absolutely adore.

But that’s not all! We haven’t even gotten to how enticing the effects are. Grapefruit has earned the reputation of being one of the best feel-good strains on the market. Its effects pack a cerebral punch! Hence, users can expect a delightful mood boost and intense euphoria.

What’s more, with THC levels reaching up to 25%, best believe Grapefruit is a powerfully potent strain. The high will make you feel good and happy. In addition, some users describe feeling exhilarated after smoking Grapefruit. Tell your tension and stress goodbye and say hello to positive vibes! Like a morning cup of coffee, waking and baking with Grapefruit will provide an excellent energy boost to help you tackle your chores or to-do list.

Are you looking to get the creative juices flowing? Grapefruit can help engage the imagination and help users be productive. However, keep in mind that these effects may only be temporary. Its stress-relieving qualities will help you relax. When taken in large quantities, Grapefruit will transport you to dreamland with a restful snooze.

Grapefruit is also an excellent medical strain. With its relaxing properties, it’s one of the top choices for relieving stress. Moreover, its uplifting and euphoric effects make it great for treating symptoms of depression and anxiety. When taken in high doses, Grapefruit can also help treat insomnia. It also has some pain-relieving properties to help with mild headaches, migraines, and mild chronic pain symptoms.

Grapefruit Medical Benefits
Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, Headaches, Migraines, Pain


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