L.A Amnesia Aunto

High-yielding, high-THC, sativa-dominant strain in non-feminised version.

The best of two worlds in one weed seed. The L.A. Amnesia is where the world-famous strains of Kush and Amnesia Haze get crossed with each other. This unique creation from paradise Seeds is renowned for its truly massive yields. Grow up to a kilo of weed with 20 to 24% of THC. It grows best indoors but plant it outside for the ultimate in yields. Sacks full of oversized buds that deliver an intense high with mental energy and the right amount of relaxation for your body. A cup winner with a fruity taste of lemon. Characteristic for a delicious haze. Buy L.A. Amnesia and grow bushes full of weed!

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Amnesia Haze regular was originally created crossing one of the new Haze hybrid strains of the time with an original Haze male plant. It is 70% sativ and 30% indica Amnesia Haze produces high levels of THC and is a great yielder. This regular version means that growers can grow out both male and female plants, harvesting pollen from the males for possible breeding purposes.

This is primarily an indoor cannabis strain, certainly if grown in higher latitudes. The 12 week flowering period, although much shorter than pure-bred Haze varieties, means that only in warm and very warm climate regions are suitable late in the grow cycle to ensure a good and reliable harvest. Another option is greenhouse cultivation which will enable it to be grown at higher latitudes outdoors Grown indoors under 600 watt grow lights yields are likely to be between 600 – 650 gr/m2 while outdoor plants can produce 700 gr/plant with northern hemisphere harvests ready in late October.

This a plant that is quite sensitive to a lack of sun, too much rain, too little irrigation or to plant pest infestations so it is really best left to the experienced grower or, at least, those who are keen to hone their skills with diligent and attentive gardening. Useful techniques to help extract the maximum potential from this strain are SoG and SCRoG and if grown carefully it responds equally well in both soil and hydro grow-systems.

The taste of Amnesia Haze is typically Haze-y with fruity and spicy notes. THC production is prodigious at 22% with medium levels of CBD. The sheer quality of the effect is immediately apparent; a cerebral high with a stratospheric, psychedelic high. Very potent weed with accompanying short-term memory loss.


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