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With LA Beatnik, you’ll get the star-studded deal! This indica-dominant hybrid is a modern classic that indica lovers will adore. If you can get your hands on it, that is! Only made in small batches, this strain is as potent as it is elusive!This indica-dominant hybrid(90% indica/10% sativa) will have you swaying to its beat in no time!

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LA Beatnik is a show-stopper in every sense! But, that said, would we expect anything less than massive star appeal from something with LA in the name?

This Indica-dominant hybrid(90% indica/10% sativa) will have you swaying to its beat in no time!

LA Beatnik is the Hollywood lovechild of powerful Kush Mint and Seed Junky OG strains. Still, don’t let its all-star genetics fool you. This strain is a celebrity in its own right!

LA Beatnik’s potency is on par with its quality – high! As part of Calicannabis craft collection, this strain is grown exclusively in limited quantities. So, from top to bottom, LA Beatnik screams exclusivity, yet another way it’s on par with its city namesake!

Much like the Beatnik subculture of the ’40s, ’50s, and ’60s, this strain marches to the beat of its own drum. LA Beatnik earned its name for its super heavy effects and groovy high. It’s sure to steal the heart of any Indica lover that comes across it.

With its well-balanced effects, high THC levels and alluring appearance. LA Beatnik is a trendsetter across the board!

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

One glance and you will understand why LA Beatnik is a star! The buds of this strain are small and robust. But you know what they say about good things coming in small packages! The nugs are a deep and alluring forest green colour. Vibrant, thick orange hairs poke out amongst the buds.

Of course, no starlet is complete without her glamorous accessories! A coating of glistening golden amber trichomes adorns the surface of this flower. There’s no denying this strain truly sparkles in every sense of the word!

The name of the LA Beatnik game is, without a doubt, quality over quantity. So, if you ever have the privilege of getting your hands on these elusive bodacious buds, we insist you take it!

Its looks are merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the star power of this dank bud! If its stunning appearance doesn’t draw you in, its eminent scent and flavour surely will.

The aroma of LA Beatnik is much like a cup of spicy, citrus coffee. It also receives a punchy pungent mint scent from its Kush Mint parent. This colourful combination also translates to its flavour. Smoking on LA Beatnik will supply your tastebuds with a lavish fusion of flavours. It’s a beautiful blend of classic coffee with refreshing mint notes and just a hint of spice. Users may also notice a slightly sour and citrusy taste on the exhale.

If you ever have the luck to smoke this strain, you’ll understand why it’s only released in small batches. Puffing on LA Beatnik is one of those things that truly make you appreciate the finer things in life!

LA Beatnik is the pinnacle of excellence for any classic indica lover! Its effects are well-balanced, producing both head and body high that will last for hours. The experience begins as a slight tingle in your limbs. This sensation will slowly grow heavier and heavier. Eventually, you’ll be couch-locked and fully encompassed in relaxation from head to toe. The cerebral lift helps balance out this heavy indica body high. Tingly euphoric happiness will fill you up to the brim! Soon enough, every negative or racing thought will be but a distant memory.

This strain has THC levels ranging from 22-24%. In this way, it’s only a matter of time before the sedating qualities of LA Beatnik take over. It won’t be long before you’re fast at sleep, blissfully imagining dreams of grandeur!

These balanced properties and high THC levels make LA Beatnik a great medical strain. The relaxing physical traits are excellent for relieving pain, cramps and muscle spasms. The uplifting, euphoric properties make LA Beatnik effective for combatting stress and depression. With its sedating nature, LA Beatnik can also help put even the most stubborn insomnia to bed.

Elusive yet well-worth the search, LA Beatnik is the full celebrity package!

LA Beatnik Medical Benefits

Pain, Cramps, Muscle Spasms, Stress, Depression, Insomnia


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