Twista Marijuana Strain


Twista from Denver’s Green Solution is a sativa-dominant strain with energetic, focused effects and a high THC content. Its powerfully invigorating effects, colored by Twista’s sweet citrus aroma, stay cerebrally locked for the duration of the buzz. This sativa won 3rd place in the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup and is thought to descend from the Flying Dutchman’s Twister strain.

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About Twista

Want to feel like you are floating through a jungle of tropical fruit and creative ideas? This perfectly blended bud is an easy going, but the energetic high that is deliciously tropical in flavor and surprisingly arousing in attitude. Though its exact parentage isn’t confirmed, most believe it to be a descendant of Flying Dutchman’s Twister strain, but Green Solution isn’t giving up their secret. After taking home 3rd place overall in Denver’s 2014 Cannabis Cup, Twista has staked its claim as one to try.

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As you might expect with a name like Twista and its speculated parentage, this strain is super fruity and packs a powerful punch. Though some tests have placed this strain as low as 12% THC and as high as 22%, the more common of the two leans more toward a 19% average. This promises users a nice, strong high that won’t overwhelm you. The bright tropical flavors are accented by a pungent, earthy aroma. Orange hairs and white trichomes carpet these piecey, forest green nugs and give that tropical fruit flavor a color palette to match.


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The Twista high is best described as exciting. It begins with a blissful cerebral rush that will have you feeling upbeat and ready to take on any creative project. Eye pressure and pain will melt away, leaving you with full body tingles and full relaxation. Your energy will begin to increase and you’ll suddenly feel motivated and creative. If you’re the kind who becomes easily susceptible to the stimulative properties of a strain, be prepared for a little lift of a sexual nature. This is an arousing strain that will have you yearning for some company.

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Because of the powerfully uplifted feelings that come with this high, it is recommended for anyone suffering from depression, stress, lack of energy, or exhaustion. If you struggle with erectile dysfunction or generally low libido, this strain is a great aid for that. The energetic and creative feelings that come with smoking this bud will have you in a good mood and ready for some love. Twista is also great for treating lack of appetite and digestive issues because of its stimulative properties.

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Growing this plant is fairly easy and is recommended for anyone who has the ability to cultivate in warm, sunny climates. Indoor flower time is around 9 weeks and outdoor harvests can be expected in mid-October. This plant grows quite tall, so if you are growing indoors give yourself space or top early. The yield is above average in the right conditions and gives off an extremely pleasant odor reminiscent of laying on the beach in Hawaii. For you indoor green thumbs, this is a lovely house plant.

Twista Marijuana Strain Online Sales

If you are a smoker who loves a motivated high, you’ll definitely want to give Twista a try. This is an extremely enjoyable strain from flavor to effects that will have you feeling good for what will seem like an eternity.


Twista Strain

Twista is it a popular conversation-starting strain with an enjoyable sativa qualities and a distinct citrus flavor. This strain is perfect for a night out, surrounded with friends, and can guarantee for an unforgettable time especially when things like dancing or high on your priority list..

Twista Marijuana Strain price

Twista is a sativa-dominant hybrid from Denver’s Green Solution. This strain is said to have been bred with Flying Dutchman’s Twister as its parent-strain, and is known for its award-winning qualities. In 2014, this bud nabbed the 3rd place at the Denver Cannabis Cup, and rightfully so.

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This strain is marked by its sweet citrus scent, mixed with colorful buds and a truly enjoyable euphoric high. Twista is best shared when surrounded with a good company, and in an atmosphere where socializing and that laughter is highly encouraged, as it will give you a case of the giggles you won’t be able to resist.

Information about Twista:

ORIGIN Twister
EFFECTS creative – 10
energetic – 9
happy – 9
talkative – 9
focused – 9
dry eyes – 1
anxious – 1
headache – 1
paranoid – 1
FRAGRANCE citrus, earthy, fruity, pungent, sweet
FLAVORS sweet, citrus, lime, fruity, lemon, tropical
MEDICAL depression – 10
stress – 10
headaches – 7
lack of appetite – 7
eye pressure – 4
CBD % 1%
INDICA / SATIVA % 40% / 60%
OUTDOOR YIELD 17oz/ plant
CLIMATE warm and sunny outdoor climate
RESISTANCE TO DISEASE resistant to common molds and mildew

* 10 is the highest
* 1 is the lowest

Effects of Twista Marijuana Strain

Twista is extra popular among the artistic users as it can allow them to be extra forward thinking, inspiring many new ideas. This strain encourages creative thinking, and some swear that their best work comes from those times when they have had this strain to help them out.

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This hybrid is perfect as a wake and bake strain first thing in the morning, as it will give you a push of energy and alertness that even coffee cant compete with. Twista will guarantee that you start your day right, with good energy and a generous amount of motivation.

Twista Effects
Twista Effects

Twista can change your mood and an instant, so if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, this strain can help you correct that. Those who need a little encouragement in order to be more extroverted and social can count on the stream to make them more talkative, as well as more focused than their usual selves.

Fragrance of Twista Marijuana Strain

Twista is easily one of the more memorable hybrids, as its distinct citrus aroma will be difficult to forget. This strain also smells earthy and fruity, leaving a potent pungent smell in the air. A certain sweetness can also be detected in this strain’s presence.

Flavors of Twista Marijuana Strain

Twista tastes just like it smells, with a mix of citrus and earthy that you will be able to taste on your first inhale. This strain will taste tropical and like lemon on the exhale, leaving a lime and fruity aftertaste on your lips long after you have exhaled the smoke.

Adverse Reaction of Twista Marijuana Strain

Twista can have some adverse reactions, as its THC levels are usually found well beyond 19%. This strain is likely to make your mouth feel dry, highlighting the fact that you will feel quite dehydrated for most of the duration of your high.

Twista Adverse Reaction
Twista Adverse Reaction

This bud can also make your eyes feel dry, although you may be able to avoid this by stating hydrated. Twista may make you feel anxious in rare cases, and some have reported to feeling slightly paranoid, or even ending up with a headache when smoking this hybrid.

Medical benefits of Twista Marijuana Strain

Twista is a useful medical strain that is lauded for its efficiency in treating mental health conditions such as chronic depression. This strain is a very good at lightening your mood, encouraging you to feel and think more positively as you go on with your day.

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If you suffer from chronic stress and struggle with trying to keep your thoughts caml, this strain may be very useful to implement on a daily basis. Twista can allow you to feel more energetic, also helping you stay motivated due to the lack of your usual fatigue.

Twista Medical
Twista Medical

Twista can help reduce chronic headaches, and even harder to treat conditions such as eye pressure and inflammation. This hybrid is known for being useful in the treatment of cancer patients who are trying to manage a healthier appetite amidst nausea-inducing chemical treatment and chemotherapy.

Growing of Twista Marijuana Strain

Twista can be grown both indoors and outdoors, where it is happy for as long as it is kept in a warm and sunny outdoor climate. This strain takes an average amount of time to finish flowering and average yield during harvest.

Flowering Time of Twista Marijuana Strain

Indoors of Twista Marijuana Strain

Twista grown indoors should yield around 14 ounces per square meter, and can be expected to be ready for harvest around 8 to 9 weeks into flowering.

Outdoors of Twista Marijuana Strain

Twista, when growing outdoors, should be ready to be harvested around the middle of October on average, yielding around 17 ounces per plant

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