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Zkittlez, also known as Skittlez or just plain skittles is as sweet as it sounds. Named after the popular candy, this award-winning indica-hybrid strain uplifts invigorates and relaxes in one tasty package. Featuring fruity and tropical flavours, tasting the rainbow has never been easier!THC 18-21% CBD 0-1%

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Zkittlez Marijuana Strain Information

Zkittlez, also popularly known as Zkittlez or just plain Skittles, is an indica-dominant hybrid with some big shoes to fill. With a name that’s almost identical to the chewy fruit candy, this strain was bred to help takers around the world taste the rainbow – in weed form! While this strain’s THC content measures between 18 and 24%, Zkittlez is a heavy hitter.

As a combination of the indica Grape Ape strain and the sativa Grapefruit strain, this strain delivers a cerebral buzz as well as a heavy body stone. The combination of its sweet, fruity flavor and effects has earned this Craft Collection strain many awards. In 2015, it won the “Best Indica” award at the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup. Zkittlez Marijuana Strain

Appearance, Flavor, and Effects of Zkittlez Marijuana Strain

As an indica dominant hybrid, Zkittlez shares many similarities with its indica cousins. Firstly, the buds themselves are incredibly large and chunky. Similar to a classic indica strain, the nugs are conical and tightly packed. Depending on the phenotype of the strain, the colors of its leaves can range from light green to a deep purple weed hue. Orange-coloured pistils further add to its colorful appearance. Finally, a fine dusting of frosty trichomes on the bud surface completes its appearance.

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Zkittlez is a premium strain, and it takes premium cultivation practices fin order to draw out all of its amazing qualities. When Zkittlez is properly grown and cured, it’s simply indescribable. Firstly, its terpene profile and aroma is an interesting, engaging combination of sweetness and funk. Lean in closer for another sniff and you’ll smell hints of berry, citrus and some sour tang, as well as some skunky earthiness. The bouquet of aromas is comparable to a bag of skunky skittles!

On the exhale, this strain delivers an incredibly smooth smoking experience. In addition to its clean-burning smoke, the flavors actually develop to become sweeter and fruitier. Takers will be able to taste juicy grape, sour lemon and hints of tropical fruit!

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Once you move past the flavor, your mind and senses will be blown away again by this strain’s amazing effects. The high comes on rather quickly but also develops over time. After the first hit, you’ll feel some pressure behind the eyes. Over time, this will slowly spread throughout the body. You might notice your vision becoming slightly distorted and your perception of time dilated. A feeling of vigor and strength will also be felt, making this strain perfect for tackling a day of chores. Soon after, the body stone will kick in. You’ll feel each of your limbs start to get a bit heavier as your energy level wanes. Zkittlez Marijuana Strain


These effects make it a great choice for those looking to increase their focus and productivity. Its relaxing properties can also reduce stress. It can also relieve physical pain and headaches. However, novice users should be careful as its potency can be overwhelming!

Zkittlez Marijuana Strain Medical Benefits

Energy, Stress Relief, Pain, Focus


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