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1 Shot Erski Strain review.

The strain has increasingly become popular and loved by many. 1 Shot Erski strain is from Ya Hemi genetics brand. Its name tells you so because it’s fruity and dessert-like aroma and taste are truly pleasing to the senses. 1 Shot Erski strain gives tingles to your taste buds as it will let you drift to the relaxation that you deserve. Thus, 1 Shot Erski weed, THC level of 1 Shot Erski .


Staying true to its 1 Shot Erski heritage this strain is famous for its fruit and dessert-like aroma. Although 1 Shot Erski buds take on a dense structure. that is representative of its parental lineage while emitting an aroma all its own. 1 Shot Erski for sale online. Thus, Buy 1 Shot Erski weed online, Buy 1 Shot Erski strain UK, Buy 1 Shot Erski strain Canada.

Effects 1 Shot Erski strain.

Its alluring flavor has the foundation of apples and hints of fruity, sweet and candy-like taste. It will surely give you a strong high that will relax every bit of your muscles. So better consume this weed during lazy days and after a busy day. It can even put you in a couch-lock state. Hence, You can Search for 1 Shot Erski weed for sale Belgium, buy weed Ireland, 1 Shot Erski weed. To get more information about this strain. Also, often asked if 1 Shot Erski Sativa or Indica.

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