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5G is the perfect strain for day and night. This hybrid packs 24-28% THC on average that will have tokers looking for focus and relaxation but not sedation

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5G Marijuana Strain Information

The 5G strain combines a variety of strains together to create the perfect strain. While this strain isn’t purebred, it’s by no means a mutt. Its premium lineage, consisting of Gelato, Gorilla Glue #4 Girl Scout Cookies and Lavender OG gives it an amazing pedigree! This strain is a complete hybrid, with an average THC content of 24-28% and like the internet, is great for day or night!

Appearance, Flavor, and Effects

Crack open a 5g nug and you’ll know right away that this strain is special. The buds are dense and tight, with bright orange pistils that poke out from beneath the surface. The Lavender OG hints for its purple weed appearance that gives 5G a deep splattering of purple. While the overall color of this strain is light green, the combination of orange and purple gives it an amazing spectrum of colors. A thick layer of white trichomes covers the surface of each bud, giving takers a quality high that you come to expect from a premium strain such as this!

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While its appearance is nothing short of amazing, this strain’s aroma and flavor shouldn’t be looked down upon, either. First, the aroma is incredible. People love to huff Gorilla Glue #4, but this strain’s lineage adds another dimension to its parent strain’s terpene profile. 5G starts off smelling like Gorilla Glue #4, but dive in deeper and you’ll detect floral as well as earth notes.

Lavender OG imbues the strain with sweet-smelling Linalool while dessert-like Gelato makes it light and tart with Limonene. Flavor-wise, 5G gives takers a medley of delight. The smoke is thick and coats the mouth in a light, tropic sweetness. You’ll be hooked with just one toke; we guarantee it!

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Effects-wise, this strain is perfectly balanced, just like its lineage! The high begins with a cerebral euphoria that quickly takes hold. Takers will feel their creativity, focus and energy increase in stride as they puff away on this smooth strain. You’ll feel ready to tackle whatever’s on your docket once the effects hit! After some time, the Indica effects of this strain will start to roll in.

5g will instantly relax you, but not to the point of sedation. Once the ‘peak’ is over, you’ll feel content in a kind of focused peacefulness. These effects make this strain perfect for both day and night. It’s also effective for medicinal users who want to relax and de-stress without going too far! 5G Marijuana strain online

5G Medical Benefits

Focus, Stress, Relaxation, Creativity, Euphoria

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