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Alpha Express is an introspective sativa strain that descends from Alpha Blue and Ghost Train Haze. With a complex flavor that spans sour juniper and musky cedar notes, Alpha Express delivers spacey cerebral effects perfect for meditative or creative activities. Its buds bloom with trichome-covered calyxes that carry a red tint as the flowers mature.

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About Alpha Express

Talkative in nature and a favorite amongst sativa lovers, Alpha Express is a fantastic bud to turn to if you are looking for a motivated high that often leads to fits of giggles and good conversation. By crossing Alpha Blue and Ghost Train, growers at Alpha Express Genetics bring together bright flavors and uplifting effects in one delicious bud. black destroyer strain review

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The THC levels, that hit a whopping 19% to 21% on average, give this strain a consistently upbeat demeanor. Fans of this strain know that the flavors are very unique, putting together juniper and pine with a nutty herbal tea aftertaste. The stand out flavors of Alpha Express are only half of the draw as the aromas are a mix of earthy, cedar kush overtones with hints of forest pine and candied ginger. These nugs are olive green with bright orange hairs and red tinted trichomes. Alpha Express Strain yield

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Buy Alpha Express Marijuana Strain Near Me


Alpha Express offers a fast acting, an instant cerebral rush that ushers in joy and euphoria. After just one hit you’ll feel that upbeat, giggly sensation making its way to your limbs, eventually relaxing your body into a super chill state. The tingles that set in start in your head and work their way to your feet, getting you in a chatty, silly mood. This spacey, yet motivated strain isn’t great for first time or novice users as its effects remain fairly strong from beginning to end. mountain weed strain

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Medicinal users love Alpha Express for its ability to soothe you down to a nice deep sleep and relieve pain with the numbing properties it provides. It is also highly beneficial to those who suffer from mood disorders such as depression or bipolar disorder. The uplifting bursts of energy and happiness offer relief from even the most trying symptoms of fatigue, but only for a short period in the beginning. Alpha Express Strain Price

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This strain is recommended for intermediate growers, however once you’ve heavily topped your plant, it becomes a much simpler process and with the help of an intermediate or advanced grower, newbies can probably tackle this strain as well. With a flowering time of 7 to 9 weeks and an average to above average yield, this is a highly pleasant plant whether you cultivate in or outdoors. reef dispensary

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If you enjoy a soothing high that doesn’t weigh you down, Alpha Express is a great choice. Alpha Express offers stellar flavors, a nice mellow yet somehow focused buzz, and an exceptional grow for anyone looking to advance from a beginner green thumb. spring mountain strain

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