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By today’s standards, dirty faygo baby smoove is quite mild. Dirty faygo weed
THC levels range from 13% to 17% yet its strength gives it the versatility to meet the needs of veterans and novices alike. Moreover, its buildable high is a great companion for a night of relaxation or a lazy day.

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THC levels of this strain average between 13%-17%. Its high will first reach the head and uplift the mood into a happy state of mind, – bringing a slight increase of focus

. Though indica, this strain will help induce creativity and inspiration before the high wears down and fully relaxes the body, pushing the mind towards a spacy calm. It slides you into a couch-lock and will leave you feeling sleepy and sedated. Stresses and body pains will melt away, with some reviewers noting it can induce slight fits of the giggles.

Not many negative effects have been reported with dirty faygo weed besides your usual dry mouth. Its delicious blend of apples, cherries, and strawberries. Not only that, it is a timeless classic that continues to be a part of residents’ homes even before the 1960s. Years after its release, its popularity remains so vast that a breeder even paid tribute to it. Buy Dirty Faygo Strain online now

This strain embodies all the appeal of its namesake. Its buds are rose-colored, similar to the striking red cans of the carbonated drink, while its sought-after smoke is sweet with overtones of berries and strawberries. Order dirty faygo strain today.


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