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Forbidden fruit is one of the most dense looking weed strain. just from looking at it’s buds, its keep you mouthwatering. A descendant of Tangie and Cherry Pie. Forbidden Fruit is a strain that is both named after sweets and is sweet in flavor. The strain borrows it’s name from the story of Eve reaching out for the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden. This strain has an immense interesting potency. Forbidden Fruit is a dankenstein. Meaning it is a blend between two or more very potent strains resulting in this very potent strain. The originality of this strain is no really clear. But the first buds of Forbidden fruit are said to be bred by a Santa Clara. A California-based breeder from Chameleon Extracts.

This strain has the distinctive characteristics of a strong smell it produces coming from the blend of citrus and passion fruit. when coming it, the smell translates to a fruit flavor before you start feeling the rich Indica traits all over your body. Forbidden fruit is perfect for relaxing and allows you feel in control while doing so. Forbidden fruit strain for sale .The strain has a THC of about 26% for its highest and 15% for its lowest. The strain is a perfect strain for novice cannabis smokers. Also, recreational users with a low tolerance can easily consume it, because of its THC content and mouthwatering taste. Experienced users looking for a unique and fruity flavor will also enjoy it.

Appearance Of Forbidden fruit strain

Forbidden Fruit strain has vibrant colors ranging from forest green, with hues of blue, purple and even pink spread throughout. Also, you can also see a few orange hairs curled up when you break open a bud. It’s buds are dense and compact, typical of an Indica strain, and with a veneer of white crystal trichomes on every bud. Forbidden fruit strain for sale. Enjoy one of the best buds in the world.




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