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You could call Haze Wreck the “perfect storm” of Sativas, as it unites the lineages of two legendary strains, Haze and Trainwreck. Both of these strains descend from indigenous landrace Sativas, whose ancient genetics are like diamonds to growers. As the legacy of these native strains, Haze Wreck has a strong tropical and fruity smell with notes of sweet, earthy pine.

Its buds have a typical sativa appearance, with narrow pointed buds wrapped in vibrant orange hairs. The cerebral effects arrive quickly, facilitating creativity and relaxation. Stress relief and depression are no match for Haze Wreck’s euphoric qualities, and patients requiring a high THC content for their symptoms may find their relief in this powerful sativa. Haze Wreck also goes by the names Trainwreck Haze and Hazy Train.

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About Haze Wreck Cannabis

Millennials will no doubt remember the phrase from Captain Planet talking about the power that occurs when their rings combine, and in some ways, Haze Wreck is the cannabis version of that union. A cross between Trainwreck and Haze, this pure sativa was developed by individuals who remain nameless. For the record, she also goes by Trainwreck Haze and Hazy Train just to make things even more cryptic. Haze Wreck Marijuana Strain

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Haze Wreck is best for experienced users because, despite her 22% THC average, she’s a total force to be reckoned with. Her nugs are tight and dense with deep purple undertones yet a smattering of neon hairs and chunky trichomes helps to brighten things up considerably. If you’re in the mood for something bold and bright, this strain will give it to you through both her flavors and aromas, as tropical fruit and sweet pine mingle into one tasty treat. Haze Wreck Marijuana Strain Online Sales

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Imagine plugging yourself into an electrical outlet to receive massive amounts of energy along with a sense of euphoria that’s unlike any other, and that’s just about what it’s like to smoke Haze Wreck. Initially, users notice their creativity and ability to focus is unparalleled, making this strain an ideal option for projects at work or tasks around the house. Just when you think you’ve reached the limits of happiness, you’ll start to slowly come down and feel a smooth sensation of relaxation that’s not overbearing or heavy. Eventually, although she’s a pure sativa, some may find themselves falling asleep. How to order Haze Wreck Marijuana Strain Online

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The cerebral stimulation you’ll find with Haze Wreck is unlike anything else out there, making this bud an ideal choice for medical users. Just one puff, literally, can help to dispel depression and stress along with the mental anguish that often comes with chronic ailments. Bodily pain including inflammation or headaches simply vanish, and depending on your tolerance level, this bud may even help to battle fatigue. Even if you’re highly experienced, it’s recommended that Haze Wreck be consumed in moderation to avoid paranoia and anxiety.

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Growing something so magical and pure isn’t for just anyone, so it’s no surprise that seeds of this strain cannot be found online and cultivation information is scarce at best. Landrace strains are quickly becoming a thing of the past, and as both of her parents fall under that category, it may only be a matter of time before Haze Wreck becomes a part of the history books.

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However, until that happens, keep your eyes out for this amazing bud and get ready to experience one of the most powerful and sublime highs of your lifetime. Enjoy her zesty flavors with breakfast and get ready to tackle the day with joy. Haze Wreck also makes for a great weekend treat when embarking upon adventures with friends. Order Haze Wreck Marijuana Strain Now

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