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Holy Grail



THC 19-26% •

CBD 0.1%

Holy Grail is a craft cannabis strain with dominant Indica genetics. Also called Grail OG, this weed offers good sedative effects for long-periods of relaxation. Holy Grail strain is a first-place prize-winning Cannabis flower with a gorgeous appearance of navy green leaves and hints of soft purple.

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Holy Grail Genetics: Kosher Kush x OG #18

Cannabis Type: Indica

THC: 19-24% | CBD: 0.1-1%

Flavour & Aroma: Herbal pine, pungent gas, and kush

Appearance: Large size buds, deep green leaves with hints of purple and small vibrant orange hairs coated in bright THC crystals

Texture: Extremely dense, sticky, and dried to perfection


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