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Jungle Cake strain was created by Seed Junky Genetics and is a cross between White Fire #43 and Wedding Cake. It’s a hybrid strain with an average 30% THC content, making it a pleasant but powerful high.

It’s been reported to have a pleasant kush aroma with hints of marshmallow, diesel, and earth. People have reported feeling relaxed and euphoric, making it a good strain for when you want to relax and do nothing, or if you want to lift your spirits.

About Jungle Cake

Most strains that are named after baked goods don’t disappoint, and when those strains are crafted by the famous Seed Junky Genetics team, you can bet that they’ll exceed your expectations. Jungle Cake strain is an evenly-balanced hybrid that stems from a cross between Wedding Cake and White Fire #43. Those who are after a unique flavor profile with amazing effects should certainly consider trying this gal a time or two.

Depending on where you purchase your bud, Jungle Cake could range anywhere from 22% to 33% THC, making her ideal for more experienced users. Each nug is small and dense, featuring red-colored pistils and a very chunky coating of white trichomes. Jungle Cake strain Users can expect a very sweet flavor to overtake them as they smoke, with berries, marshmallows, and a hint of nuts dancing on your palate. Her aroma is similar in nature with a stronger spice and earth overtone to it.

Some smokers think that Jungle Cake strain isn’t very potent at first, as a few tokes tend to take a while to kick in. Your high will likely build slowly, making its way to your mind first and filling it with nothing but pure joy. Relaxation is easy to come by here, and you could find that you’re in the mood to socialize. Many report that a wave of giggles comes next, leading to a sedating comedown that’s not too heavy but certainly doesn’t leave room for productivity either. In most cases, Jungle Cake strain rounds out your experience with a strong case of the munchies.

Medical users often turn to Jungle Cake strain for her array of effects, as it’s said that this bud can help with both mental and physical woes. Individuals who struggle with anxiety or depression, or those who simply need to clear their mind after a particularly trying day, will find this strain usually does the trick. Nausea is often quelled toward the end of your experience and if you have a hard time with your appetite, get ready to possibly devour everything in sight!

Leaf Nation is such a well-known cultivator that it’s surprising how scarce their strains are when it comes to home growing. The team keeps a very low profile when dealing with any sort of online presence, which unfortunately means that their genetics are just as secretive. It’s been reported that seeds of Jungle Cake strain were never available to the public, making this strain one that you can only dream of having in your garden.

Thankfully, Jungle Cake strain is a gal that appears to be fairly easy to find in dispensaries. Newer users should probably steer clear of this bud, but if you’ve been around the block a few times and want to see what this strain has to offer, consider lighting up in the later afternoon or early evening. Those with a high tolerance could find that Jungle Cake strain is a great strain for lazy weekends too.


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