Kiwi Strawberry Strain


22.62% THC


Synergy’s Kiwi Strawberry strain resembles neither strawberries nor kiwis. Conical shaped with olive green calyces and burnt sienna pistils, these buds are loaded with beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids, rather than vitamin C and fiber. In opening our sample jar, I was instantly hit with all sorts of pleasant-smelling aromas: strawberries, melons, and citrus. Rolled, lit, and ripped as my morning pacifier, the joint tasted like a smokable Schnozzberry smoothie. Providing a mental respite for the weary mind, the high was less physical and more mental – at least for me. Almost instantly motivated, I soon found myself doing those household chores I ordinarily loathe. Kiwi Strawberry is a frosty, floral delight. Long, stringy orange pistils spread throughout the flower and radiated a fresh scent. Wrapped up and ready to spark, Kiwi Strawberry produced botanical flavors. When it came to taste these ladies weren’t quite as fruity as expected. Instead, they expressed a herby, plantlike profile. I was not let down by the difference — these buds emitted a smooth, easy-tokin’ drag. The high came out of nowhere.


Oz, Qp, Hp, Lbs


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