Mimosa Biscotti Hash


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Mimosa Biscotti Hash from the makers of Kings Crown is new to the lineup of Premium Domestic Hash. The hash is made in a slightly different fashion and is not the thick heavy medium-hard dark brown hash like the King’s Crown.

This is delicate for hash, not crumbly like a sift, softer and sticker but the moment you breathe it in you know you in for a treat. To start the base material is first frozen in a commercial freezer then a 72-micron screen is used to sift the material then heat pressed to deliver a product with extremely high terpene levels delivering an uncomparable hash experience. Mimosa Biscotti Hash For Sale

Mimosa Biscotti hybrid strain is indica leaning with a strong flavor and aroma. This is the BBQing, patio sitting, beer in hand, not a care in the world treat you’ll want to have as a treat after a long week.


15 Grams, 30 Grams, 60 Grams, 120 Grams


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