Ogiesel Marijuana Strain


An inspirational cross between SFV OG Kush and Giesel, OGiesel is all smiles. While mild at first, a euphoric feeling creeps up steadily after initial use.


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Ogiesel Marijuana Strain – Ogiesel Marijuana Strain Near Me

Ogiesel Marijuana Strain info

this Strain is hybrid which is strong and piney with pleasant lemon undertones. OGiesel typically flowers in 8 weeks and features more indica-like growing characteristics. For best yields, this strain should be grown indoors.

For many seeking to alleviate even severe chronic aches and pains, this strain may be a good choice for all day use. This hybrid’s ability to retain the cerebral effects of a Sativa makes it a fair choice to battle stress and anxiety.

Marijuana Strain may also be used to help defeat anorexia and other eating disorders. And for a few patients, it helps them sleep through the night.


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