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Oregon Diesel is an indica-dominant hybrid that combines NYC Diesel and Blackberry genetics in a blend bred by Homegrown Natural Wonders specifically for the Pacific Northwest climate. This strain was popularized by Oregrown as they hunted for quality genetics. Oregon Diesel is recommended for nighttime pain relief and its relaxing yet clear-headed effects will calm stress and help you avoid sleepless nights.

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About Oregon Diesel

Packing an indica-dominant punch of clarity and pure bliss, Oregon Diesel was developed in the misty Pacific Northwest. Oregon growers at Homegrown Natural Wonders crossed NYC Diesel and Blackberry to get a strain that’s potent and hyper-relaxing, great for depression, pain management, and nights where you aim to be glued to the couch. oregon diesel strain yield

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A 90/10 blend, this strain ranges in THC levels, with yields coming in as low as 14% while the upper ends peak at 22%. Not considered to be a good strain for beginning smokers, Oregon Diesel practically melts you into a happy pile of human. Despite its diesel aroma, which can be off-putting for some, it also blends scents of earthy pine, berry, and a touch of lavender that’s hard to ignore. Nugs are rounder in shape with a ton of bright pistils and a decent dose of glittering trichomes. oregon kush strain

Buy Oregon diesel Marijuana Strain Online

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Recommended for evening use only, Oregon Diesel was created quite literally to make you stupid and lazy (from the grower’s mouth, not ours!). Users start off with a head high that’s slightly energetic and surprisingly clear and spreads to a deeper warm body high as time passes. Complete relaxation is on the way, as you dive deeper and deeper into Oregon Diesel’s depths. Happy and calm, you’ll eventually melt away into a blissful sleep, making it a prime bedtime hit. oregon diesel strain yield

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Known to be an excellent painkiller, Oregon Diesel works wonders for those with severe depression and stress, insomnia, and chronic body pain. A strong sedative in every way possible, it does help to increase one’s appetite before couch-lock sets in, so it’s great for those who struggle to eat enough during the day. oregon strain

Since it was developed in the Pacific Northwest, it’s not a surprise that Oregon Diesel prefers a cooler and wet climate. Flowers will get rather heavy and large, so be sure to keep an eye on them as they grow. Thankfully, a shorter grow season works well for those who can’t wait to smoke some of its powerful product. Oregon diesel Marijuana Strain

Oregon diesel Marijuana Strain for Sale

Oregon Diesel is the perfect strain for users who want to get into their happy place before sinking into the depths of total relaxation. Ideal for nighttime use, it would be hard to imagine anyone functioning very well during the day after taking a hit. Whether you’re looking for an incredibly chill night at home before having the best sleep of your life or you need help taking the edge off of chronic pain, Oregon Diesel has you covered. Oregon diesel Marijuana Strain

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