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Skywalker Alien is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that inherits a staggering THC content from its parent strains. The potency of this hybrid focuses itself cerebrally, leaving you feeling happy, relaxed, and stress-free.


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About Skywalker Alien

While we can appreciate the occasional instance of breeder secrecy, we really wish we knew who was responsible for Skywalker Alien. Rumors have spread far and wide about this strain and many believe she is a cross between Skywalker and Alien OG, although that has yet to be truly confirmed. Those who are looking for an indica-dominant strain to take them to outer space, at least mentally, will be pleased to know this gal exists. Skywalker Alien Marijuana Strain

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Only experienced users need to apply when it comes to smoking Skywalker Alien, as this bud tops out at 28% THC. Her dark green nugs are rather small and airy, and once you get past her bright green leaves, you’ll see her light amber pistils and huge chunks of similarly toned trichomes. We’ll be honest – her flavors are pretty cough-inducing and her aromas certainly don’t help either, as both feature heavy notes of herbs, pepper, and chemicals. starwalker strain

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If you can stand it, a few tokes of this bud will put you into a solid state of relaxation that lasts for quite some time. Initially, users will feel a rush of euphoria hit them out of nowhere as their mind begins to slow and eases them into sedation. A slight sensation of focus may be present, but don’t worry, you won’t have the energy to do anything about it. Expect a body buzz that’s unlike anything else, ultimately leaving you glued to the couch and likely falling asleep well before bedtime. starwalker kush strain leafly

Buy Skywalker Alien Marijuana Strain Near Me

Given that Skywalker Alien is so potent, it’s no wonder that she’s able to address a myriad of medical concerns. Individuals who struggle with depression and anxiety often turn to cannabis for a temporary fix, however, this strain is strong enough to allow you to actually let go of your concerns for a good, long while. Unless you have superhuman strength, this bud will sedate you enough to eliminate physical ailments, and even the toughest case of insomnia won’t be able to put up much of a fight. starwalker kush good supply review

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Many often wonder if aliens would be able to thrive on our planet, but in the case of Skywalker Alien, there’s no concern whatsoever. This strain is incredibly resilient to pests, mold, mildew, and temperature changes, making it ideal for indoor or outdoor growth. If you have the option, make sure to rear her in a warm environment, and after 8 to 9 weeks, you’ll be ready to harvest an average sized yield. skywalker kush good supply

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This strain may sound super appealing to newer users, but take our word for it – you don’t want to mess with this bud. Those who know what they’re doing might want to keep some Skywalker Alien in their stash at all times because you never know when a rough day will require a little bit of help from some extraterrestrial friends. skywalker kush strain


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