Snow White Marijuana Strain


THC 22-24%
CBD 0-1%
It comes as no surprise that the Snow White Strain is something of a legend, bred to be a fairy tale strain. It’s the offspring of Snow White and an unknown Indica.

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Snow White Marijuana Strain

Snow White is named after the frosty white trichomes that cover its buds with a history that’s a fairytale in its own right. For many years, Snow White’s only known parent was the famous White Widow thought to be crossed with a mystery Indica. Since, the breeders at Nirvana Seeds created a Snow White version that crossed White Widow with Northern Lights and is the most well-known iteration of the today.

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The team at Spliff Seeds also took a phenotype from this Snow White and crossed it with Cinderella 99 to create a new version of Snow White that has a more appealing flower-to-leaf ratio. Despite its varied origin stories, Snow White’s terpenes give it a citrusy, woody scent with a sweet flavor profile. Online sources clock the cultivar at an average of 24% THC content.

This indica-dominant hybrid has terpenes that give it a citrusy woody scent with a sweet flavor profile with THC levels reaching 19%-24%. People have reported experiencing a relaxing high met with a sharp mind.

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