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Strawberry Kush


THC: 18-23%

CBD: 0.1-0.5%

Strawberry Kush is a strain full of aromas similar to sweet berries.Boutique cannabis with tropical green leaves covered in a significant quantity of trichomes and deep orange hairs. Touching the Strawberry Kush strain feels solid, sturdy with a sticky bounce. Lastly, the terpenes contained in this flower is where this marijuana reigns supreme with its vanilla scent and rich taste of delicious strawberries.

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  • Strawberry Kush Genetics: Strawberry Cough x OG Kush
  • Cannabis Type: Sativa dominant Hybrid (30% Indica/ 70% Sativa)

  • THC: 18-23% | CBD: 0.1-0.5%

  • Flavour & Aroma: Sweet vanilla, strawberries, earthy and herbal

  • Appearance: Large-sized buds, bright green leaves, dark orange hairs, an exceptional amount of trichomes

  • Texture: Dense and sticky


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