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Super Cheese, bred by Positronics, is a throwback to the old school strains that filled the coffee shops of Amsterdam in the late 1980s. Super Cheese was created through inbreeding, crossing Cheese genetics with another select phenotype believed to be Exodus Cheese. The aroma of this indica-dominant hybrid is a mix of skunky musk and a pungent blue cheese funk that has become synonymous with Cheese varieties. The flavor is a strong, smooth blend of bittersweet herbs and cream, like an earthy buttermilk.

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About Super Cheese

Super Cheese is an indica-dominant hybrid with a legacy that follows in the tradition of Dutch cannabis breeding. This pungent strain was created by Positronics, breeders of strains like Blue Rhino and Critical 47, and crosses the genetics of staple strain Cheese with the distinct phenotype Exodus Cheese. What results is a skunky, acrid bud with a holistic, well-balanced high. Super Cheese’s Thc content has been measured at between 15% and 25%. big buddha cheese strain

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Super Cheese is marked by medium-sized, solid flowers that hold an elongated, almost cylindrical shape. These buds have the dense structure associated with other indica-dominant varieties, with leaves curled tightly inward toward their central stems. The leaves themselves are a vibrant shade of spring green and are twisted through with brown and orange pistils. uk cheese strain genetics

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Frequently, phenotypes of Super Cheese also boast patches of purple in their leaves; these surprising hues come about when high concentrations of the pigment anthocyanin are stimulated by cold weather during the growing process. Finally, translucent white trichomes cover the buds’ complex network of nooks and crannies, accounting for the strain’s potency and making it very hard to break up by hand. goo cheese strain

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Typical Effects


Common Usage


super cheese indica or sativa

THC Content







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There’s no mistaking the lineage of this aptly-named strain. A quick inspection reveals the strong, tangy odor of sharp cheese. A closer sniff hints as some fermented, almost moldy notes, making the aroma similar to that of cousin strain Blue Cheese. Grinding up Super Cheese’s dense buds gives off some dank, musky scents. When this pungent strain is combusted in a pipe or a joint, it burns with a harsh and stinky smoke that may tickle the palate or make the eyes water. On the exhale, this smoke leaves behind a lingering taste of cheese, along with some skunky fumes. mendo cheese strain review

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Super Cheese’s high doesn’t appear until some time after smokers have recovered from their distaste or coughing fits. The first observable effects may be an increased pulse behind the eyes and around the temples; many also report an increase in salivation. These physical tics soon progress into a full body high. Smokers may feel their limbs and eyelids grow more and more weighty while at the same time, a ringle rolls down through the body, dissipating muscular tension and facilitating deep and easy breathing. mendo cheese strain indica or sativa

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For the uninitiated, this body high can be so strong as to trigger feelings of dissociation or depersonalization. Such trippy effects are often intensified by Super Cheese’s changes in sensory perception — certain sights and sounds may take on new dimensions, while depth perception can be notably distorted. Super Cheese comes with only a subtle head high, more characterized by a tendency to think in freely-associative patterns than by any uptick in rational, intensely cerebral thinking. cheese strain allbud

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Instead, enjoy this bud as a good way to have some giddy, rowdy conversations with like-minded friends. Alternatively, smoke Super Cheese before kicking back for some much-needed solo time. Because it is more sedative than mentally stimulating, this strain is best reserved for nighttime use; if consumed during the day, it’s likely to derail an agenda or any outstanding responsibilities. cheese og strain

Super Cheese Marijuana Strain Near Me


Super Cheese can also have many benefits for medical cannabis patients. Its smooth, soothing attitude may temporarily relieve some symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety. Meanwhile, its action on the body can numb pain, whether it’s chronic and disease-related, or more minor, like headaches and nausea. For some, Super Cheese can stoke hunger, making it a good supplement for those who have lost their appetite to disease or to treatments like chemotherapy. cali cheese strain

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Finally, in high enough doses, this potent strain can work against insomnia, pulling users into a deep, restful sleep. Because it is unlikely to trigger the kind of recursive thinking that can lead to paranoia. Super Cheese is a good option for patients who are prone to panic or who have a low THC tolerance. best uk cheese strain

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Medica Weed Shop have made seeds of Super Cheese available for sale online. Once obtained, it can be grown indoors or out, although outdoor cultivation calls for a semi-humid, Mediterranean-like climate. Plants have a short and bushy silhouette and are easily accommodated indoors. Super Cheese flowers within a brief 7 to 8 weeks and offers a solid yield of about 32 to 37 grams (1.1 to 1.3 ounces) of flower per square foot of plant. Finally, indoors growers should be sure to keep their operations discreet by investing in odor control measures, as Super Cheese can be an extremely pungent crop. uk cheese strain allbud

Super Cheese’s long-lasting potency proves that sometimes a so-called acquired taste is worth acquiring. This bud is a must-try for fans of knockout indicas. uk cheese strain

Super Cheese Strain

super cheese strain yield


For all those smokers who are looking for a really heavy hybrid that can put them to sleep over time, Super Cheese is just about perfect. This medicinal and recreational strain is all about feeling relaxed. Its potent cheese flavors as well as it’s aroma can either be appetizing or off-putting depending on the user. cheese strain terpene profile

super cheese outdoor


Super Cheese is a hybrid plant that was created as a throwback to the old school days when these types of strains filled coffee shops in the Netherlands in the late 1980s. This hybrid strain is believed to be a cross of Cheese genetics mixed with Exodus Cheese, resulting in this super cheesy hybrid plant. super f1 cheese

super cheese allbud


This strain is extremely musky and has a super pungent aroma that is almost funky and can be sometimes off-putting. Super Cheese is extremely relaxing but also induces a strong case of the munchies that will have you digging through your fridge. This bud has little adverse reactions, although some may experience a mild bout of anxiety with it. super cheese terpenes

Information about Super Cheese:

ORIGIN Cheese mixed with Exodus Cheese
EFFECTS euphoric – 10
relaxed – 10
sleepy – 9
hungry – 8
happy – 4
paranoid – 3
anxious – 3
dizzy – 1
paranoid – 1
FRAGRANCE cheese, herbal, pungent, skunky, sweet
FLAVORS lime, cheese, earthy, creamy, herbal, sweet
MEDICAL insomnia – 10
pain – 10
headaches – 8
stress – 8
depression – 5
THC CONTENT % 17%-25%
CBD % 0%
INDICA / SATIVA % 80% / 20%
OUTDOOR YIELD 16oz/ plant
CLIMATE dry and temperate outdoor climate
RESISTANCE TO DISEASE resistant to common molds and mildew

* 10 is the highest
* 1 is the lowest

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Effects of Super Cheese Marijuana Strain

Super Cheese is extremely relaxing and can certainly teach you a thing or two about winding down. This indica dominant hybrid contains around 80% Indica genetics, with the traits to match. It serves as a perfect wind down strain for you to enjoy at the end of a long and demanding day. blue cheese strain near me

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When smoking this strain, you can expect to feel super euphoric as well. This bud will make you feel elated for hours, making me feel excited about everything in your day. Super Cheese can just make you feel comfortable in your skin, and allow you to leave behind all your worries. triple cheese strain

Super Cheese EffectsSuper Cheese Marijuana Strain Effects

In time, after smoking quite a bit of this bud, you can expect to feel pretty hungry as it can induce the munchies like crazy. Super Cheese will make you feel hungry and happy, making it ideal for a lunch date or dinner date with equally stoned people, allowing you to truly indulge in both conversation and the munchies. strongest cheese strain
uk cheese strain genetics

Fragrance of Super Cheese Marijuana Strain

Some people would call this bud fragrant, others would call it skunky and funky. Super Cheese carries a very strong pungent and Skunky aroma, with an underlying hint of cheese that can sometimes be quite overwhelming for some users. It also contains a hint of sweetness, adding to the confusion. exodus cheese strain
uk cheese strain flowering time

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Flavors of Super Cheese Marijuana Strain

Super Cheese has a flavor pallet that is just as unique as it’s aroma. This bud will taste creamy and cheesy on the inhale, mixed with an underlying lime flavor. On the exhale, you will notice how sweet and herbal this bud is, with an earthy aftertaste. uk cheese strain

Adverse Reaction of Super Cheese Marijuana Strain

This hybrid may cause some adverse reactions for some users who are not accustomed to it. Super Cheese can cause a dry mouth, leading to the feeling of being parched some users. In some cases, you may even get a cough when smoking it. uk super cheese strain

Super Cheese Adverse ReactionSuper Cheese Marijuana Strain Adverse Reaction

For others, this strain may cause a mild form of paranoia, leading you to feel anxious. Some have also complained that they may feel slightly dizzy when smoking this strain, while others have said that it makes them feel mildly paranoid, although this happens rather rarely. super cheese strain
blue cheese strain

Medical benefits of Super Cheese Marijuana Strain

Super Cheese can be used by many patients in order to relieve medical conditions. It is especially useful not treatment of chronic insomnia, as it can put you to sleep even in the most extreme situations. It can help calm the mind, and ensure you a night of rest. super cheese strain effects

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Patients who suffer from chronic pain they greatly benefit from this strain, when used regularly. Super Cheese can help these patients by making them feel more relaxed, and relieving conditions such as back ache, migraines, joint aches as well as muscle pain. This bud will also make them feel more calm and collected, which may help their pain as well. super silver cheese strain review

Super Cheese MedicalSuper Cheese Marijuana Strain

If you are looking for a way to treat chronic and severe headaches, then this strain may be the answer for you. Super Cheese has proven itself to be very effective when treating patients who suffer from severe stress, I making them feel more clearheaded. super cheese seeds

This strain is also ideal for the treatment of depression, and has helped many patients over the years. Where to buy Super Cheese Marijuana Strain Near Me
Buy Super Cheese Marijuana Strain Near Me

Growing of Super Cheese Marijuana Strain

This strain can easily be grown by less experienced growers. It is easy to cultivate, and grows into a short but stout plant was sick bushes, especially when kept in a dry outdoor climate.
Buy Super Cheese Marijuana Strain Online

Flowering Time of Super Cheese Marijuana Strain


Indoors of Super Cheese Marijuana Strain

Growing Super Cheese indoors can produce a yield of around 13 ounces per square meters during harvest. It will take roughly 8 to 9 weeks in order for it to finish flowering. Buy Super Cheese Marijuana Strain Near Me


Outdoors of Super Cheese Marijuana Strain

If you grow it outdoors, you can expect the yield of around 16 ounces per plant during harvest. This bud and should be ready to be harvested around the middle of October. Buy Super Cheese Marijuana Strain Online

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