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White Widow Feminized is a Sativa and Indica with ratio 40% to 60% Indica dominant THC Level: High at 18% CBD (Medical), and a Medium Height: Average (80/120 cm – 32″/47″), with Yield: High (400/500 gr/m² – 14/18 oz/11ft²), and a Flowering period Average of 60 days. Growth Climate conditions: Sunny / Mediterranean Good for: Indoor, Medical, Beginner.

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White Widow Feminized Medicinal use provides relief for Anxiety, Migraines, PTSD, Arthritis, ADD/ADHD.

  • Sex: Feminized
  • Genetics: Indian/Brazilian
  • Variety: Hybrid
  • Cultivation: Indoor as well as Outdoor
  • Flowering Period: 8 weeks

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Why should I buy White Widow feminised seeds?

  • Dutch Passion White Widow seeds are very consistent and easy to grow in any medium
  • It is an incredibly strong and potent strain with a reputation for being one of the strongest varieties ever created. The buds are hard and compact and completely covered in a thick white layer of trichomes
  • Our original White Widow was created by crossing Brazilian and Indian strains. It has a powerful and pungent scent
  • If you are looking for the original 80’s and 90’s White Widow you have come to the right place. The authentic smell, taste and unmistakably strong high are the reason our customers keep coming back for this strain

White Widow, a multiple cannabis cup winner

White Widow is a multiple prize winner and became one of the great classics.

  • 1st Prize C.A.B.A. Cup 5th Edition Best Weed
  • 1st Prize C.A.B.A. Cup 5th Edition Best High Indoor

White Widow Feminized Seeds has a spicy and piney aroma with fruity notes of citrus

White Widow is mainly known for her potent all-white buds that make the high so incredibly potent. In terms of fragrance and flavor profile, White Widow can best be described as spicy and piney, with many different underlying notes enhancing the aroma.

In some phenotypes, this will be a citrus undertone, with sour, fresh and fruity characteristics. In others, it may move more towards the diesel end of the spectrum, making her smell a bit more gaseous or metallic. All in all, this unique and complex aroma falls particularly more under the heading of real old-school weed! Buy White Widow Feminized Seeds Near Me

White Widow Feminized Seeds is a tough cannabis plant with explosive growth and fast flowering

White Widow is a true legend. Not only for the high quality of the buds, but also for the ease of growth. It is a strong hybrid that will grow vigorously during both veg and flowering. It is a plant that is very suitable for beginners, it does not matter which growing method and cultivation system you want to use. white widow’s strain Canada

Her fast flowering time also means that as a grower you don’t have to wait long before you can harvest. With an average flowering time of about 8 weeks, this strain falls into the category of fast flowering plants. Due to her average stretch during flowering she can do well in both a SOG and a SCROG setup. white widow’s strain canada

What kind of genetics are there exactly in White Widow?

Dutch Passion’s White Widow had been perfected many years before most of today’s seed companies were even established. True White Widow aficionados will happily pay a little more to get true 1980 F1 White Widow genetics, with the authentic aroma, flavor and unmistakable high.

Our original White Widow is a cross between Brazilian and Indian strains and has a powerful and pungent scent. We believe that our version is the most authentic on the market. Our customers love Dutch Passion’s original White Widow and report great growing results indoors and outdoors (in warm climates) and in greenhouses. auto feminized seeds indoor

White Widow is a medium sized plant with compact, high potency, all-white buds

White Widow is a medium sized hybrid cannabis variety with very compact buds. The buds typically produce fewer orange colored pistils than most cannabis strains. It is the excellent resin production that has made this strain so famous, it can be seen even on the larger fan leaves. White Widow owes its name to this extremely high resin production with its exceptionally thick white layer of trichomes. auto feminized seeds indoor

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White Widow is not a difficult plant to grow. With the right environment and care, she will grow into a beautiful plant that will richly reward you with a good harvest. She is suitable for any type of grow, but thrives best in a controlled indoor grow. The branches are strong enough to bend / snap or “scrog”.

White Widow has a medium internode distance and her buds have a very favorable flower-to-leaf ratio. Large buds are only surrounded by small leaves that are easy and quick to remove, which significantly increases the speed of cutting/trimming. buy feminized hemp seeds

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White Widow has average stretch for a hybrid cannabis plant. She continues to grow in the flowering phase for around 2.5 to 3 weeks. Plants are known for their vigorous growth and beautiful full buds packed with glittering trichomes. Trichome production starts quite early in flowering and continues at a rapid pace.

It’s no coincidence that this strain is still considered one of the strongest and most potent cannabis strains. Due to its high potency, it is appreciated by both medical and recreational users all over the world. autoflower hemp seeds for sale

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The genetics used for White Widow guarantee the following properties:

  • A compact/medium sized plant with strong branches and full flowers
  • Thick hard buds with a favorable flower-to-leaf ratio

White Widow is the ideal strain for enthusiasts and connoisseurs of old school genetics and incredibly potent, sticky bud.

Effects of White Widow Feminized Seeds

The extremely white buds of our White Widow warn of the powerful effects that will follow. The effects are known for being strong and long-lasting. Many smokers report experiencing an initial euphoric high that is very energetic, ideal for creative tasks.

As the high progresses and you consume more, it transforms into a more narcotic and relaxing effect. The high has a strong energetic peak in the beginning but is followed by a soothing feeling. Ideal for falling asleep after watching a long movie, for example. royal queen seeds

The flowering time of White Widow

White Widow flowers for an average of 8-9 weeks, making it one of the faster flowering Indica dominant hybrid cannabis plants. In good conditions it will be harvest-ready within 8 weeks. black widow strain
The plants will stretch quite a bit after switching the clock to 12/12. During the flowering phase, the leaves become a bit slimmer and the branches become a little longer and thicker. black widow strain seeds

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Within about 3 weeks the growth/stretch rate will slow down considerably and will come to a halt. At the same time as the flower hairs develop, resin production starts on the smallest leaves (“sugar leaves”). About a month later the buds will be completely covered in a THC-rich, sticky blanket of trichomes. pinkleberry kush seeds canada

The yield of White Widow Feminized Seeds


White Widow is a fast bloomer with a good yield. This means that you can achieve a high yield within a short period of time. This XL cannabis strain is not the biggest in size, but it does get full, long buds that can get incredibly compact. On average, yields of around 400-500 g/m2 are possible. And this within just 8 weeks! pinkleberry kush seeds canada

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She is known for her compact, full buds with a good ‘calyx-to-leaf’ ratio. This means that her buds will only have small leaves in them. Manicuring these buds is incredibly easy and quick. This is a plant that grows well in both a SOG and a SCROG or in the natural way, nothing is too crazy for her. pinkleberry seeds canada

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Outdoors she will thrive in drier climates, but her fast flowering time makes her suitable for growing in temperate climates as well. Be careful towards the end of the flowering phase, because high humidity increases the risk of bud rot and mold. pineapple kush seeds usa

Advice from our experts: White Widow Feminized Seeds


Overall, White Widow is an uncomplicated strain that requires little or no advice. This strain practically grows by itself! What we can recommend to promote her potency and stickiness is to put her completely in the dark during the last 3 days of the flowering phase (0 hours light / 24 hours dark). During this time the plant will stress a bit and produce even more trichomes. pineapple kush seeds canada

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Another tip for the more professional grower is to reduce the light cycle during the last 2 weeks of flowering from 12 hours of light per day to 10 hours of light per day (10 hours light / 14 hours dark). This ensures more resin and trichomes. It also means that the second internode bloom (not visible in all phenotypes) is stopped. This will result in fewer new foxtails. lemon kush seeds canada


Information about White Widow Feminized Seeds


White Widow has a reputation for being one of the strongest strains ever created. Our producers have worked hard to optimize this potent, vigorous variety and then stabilize the best traits. The result is this legendary and highly sought-after variety of excellent quality with thick buds, white from the crystals. Dutch Passion’s White Widow is very consistent and easy to grow in any medium. The quality and consistency is particularly pronounced in this feminized version, which has become a bestseller and a standard that other seed companies strive to match. outdoor seeds canada

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