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Dutch Hawaiian is a smooth sativa created by crossing Dutch Treat and Hawaiian Sativa. Beautiful stinky buds offer an earthy citrus smell that carries into the flavor of the smoke incredibly well. This balanced high may send you into a cerebral bliss before sending your body on a journey toward the clouds.

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About Dutch Hawaiian Strain

Dutch Hawaiian is a sativa-dominant hybrid created by Top Shelf Seeds, Seattle-based breeders who keep dispensary shelves stocked throughout the Pacific Northwest. It is a cross between perennial favorite Dutch Treat and a fruity Hawaiian landrace. This is one taste-engineered strain that doesn’t sacrifice potency for flavor — its dynamic tropical character is complemented by a steady, mellow head high that can enhance any number of situations. According to a pH Labs 2018 THC analysis facilitated by Medical Weed Shop, Dutch Hawaiian’s THC content was measured at a high of 28.31%.

Buy Dutch Hawaiian Weed Strain Near Me

Dutch Hawaiian has medium-sized flowers that cling together in tapered, spade-like shapes. The flowers hold a loose, sativa-typical bud structure that gives the leaves a somewhat ragged appearance and a fluffy texture. Leaves themselves are a bright shade of spring green and are shot through with hairy yellow and orange pistils. A film of cloudy white trichomes gives the flowers a slight sheen and makes them particularly sticky and difficult to break up by hand. Buy Dutch Hawaiian Weed Strain Near Me

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Buy Dutch Hawaiian Weed Strain Online


Dutch Hawaiian’s aroma is where its bag appeal becomes obvious. Parent strain Hawaiian’s influence is clear in this strain’s tropical, orange-tinged scent. Breaking open the loose flowers yields some herbal notes as well, reminiscent of Haze or Jack Herer. When combusted, Dutch Hawaiian burns with a very smooth and rich smoke. On the exhale, a distinct pineapple flavor shines through, followed by a bit of a musky, hashy aftertaste that lingers on the palate. Enjoy this robust, tasty strain in a joint or a freshly-cleaned pipe to appreciate the full subtlety of its flavor.

Dutch Hawaiian Weed Strain on Sale


Dutch Hawaiian has a high that mounts slowly, often taking several minutes before its effects are fully felt. Smokers will eventually detect a feeling of sharpened perception, with certain colors and sounds seeming more dynamic or intense. Smokers may also notice themselves ascending into a more cerebral mindset; fleeting thoughts or impressions may take on a new significance. Dutch Hawaiian also comes with a grounding sense of physical relaxation that tempers the intensity of this cerebral experience.

Where to Buy Dutch Hawaiian Weed Strain Near Me


As the high wears on, those who enjoy this strain will find themselves more physically at ease and thus more able to maintain concentration and productivity if they so desire; couchlock is not commonly reported. Dutch Hawaiian can also be a remarkably social strain, maintaining outgoing vibes band keeping the conversation flowing. This strain can be potent and long-lasting, even for more experienced cannabis consumers. Buy Dutch Hawaiian Weed Strain Near Me

A great choice for waking-and-baking, Dutch Hawaiian may even be good for nighttime reflection and introspection — but be wary that the strain’s thought-provoking tendencies may intensify as greater amounts are consumed. Buy Dutch Hawaiian Weed Strain Near Me

Dutch Hawaiian Weed Strain


Dutch Hawaiian may also have value for medical cannabis patients. It can numb troublesome aches and pains, both temporary and chronic. It can also take the edge off of daily stresses for those suffering from mild to moderate depression, anxiety and PTSD. Its lucid focus may even be of use for patients with attention deficit disorders. Negative side effects include persistent dry eyes and dry mouth. Those who are prone to panic or acute anxiety may want to think twice before sampling this strain, as its sativa onset may create a sense of “mind-race” in which the user can feel temporarily out of control of their thoughts or feelings.

Dutch Hawaiian Weed Strain


Breeders Top Shelf have not made seeds of Dutch Hawaiian available for commercial sale. As such, prospective growers must obtain clippings from mature, healthy plants of the strain in order to grow genetically identical “clones.” Dutch Hawaiian can be grown indoors or out, although successful outdoor cultivation requires humid, sunny climates such as those found in the Mediterranean or, appropriately enough, Hawaii. That said, this strain’s hardy sativa genes make it somewhat more resistant to variables like excessive moisture and temperature variations. Buy Dutch Hawaiian Weed Strain Near Me

Buy Dutch Hawaiian Weed Strain Near Me


Dutch Hawaiian’s flowering nodes produce large, chunky calyxes that may require artificial staked supports to keep them from drooping on overburdened branches. Growers should also take the time to properly cure their harvested flowers in order to maintain this strain’s unique flavor.

Buy Dutch Hawaiian Weed Strain Near Me

Dutch Hawaiian’s very name encapsulates the advantages of international collaboration in cannabis breeding. With vibrant, landrace-derived flavor and sturdy sativa genes, Dutch Hawaiian is perfectly suited for sharing at parties and other small gatherings. Its standout aroma is sure to gain some gratitude and spark some new conversations. Buy Dutch Hawaiian Weed Strain Near Me


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