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These bright green frosted buds will uplift your spirits and provide a strong cerebral high with deep physical effects that create a euphoric relaxation of the mind and body. The frosty, trichome covered buds have a strong earthy pine aroma with flavors of lemon zest and garlic spice. This unique terpene profile contains higher levels of the terpene, pinene, known for it’s anti-inflammatory pain relieving properties.



Effects of the Rollins strain are near immediate, beginning with euphoric stress relieving rushes that follow every puff. As the high settles in the body buzz becomes more apparent as tension in the back and neck dissipate, leading to a full-bodied relaxation. The Rollins buds deliver a versatile high that can be enjoyed in both day and night time applications.

The Rollins strain is perfect for treating depression and anxiety along with reliving minor aches and pains, migraines and nausea


Oz, Qp, Hp, Lbs


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